Rapid Locksmith Salisburys Lock Opening Services

Rapid Locksmiths provide a 24 hour emergency Locksmith service, we are Lockamiths servicing the Salisbury area this enable us to provide the fastest response time you will find. We are specialists in Lock opening and with a large collection of professional Locksmith tools we are able to open your door with no damage to your locks or doors.

Lost Your Keys?

Rapid Locksmiths can open your door and get you back in your home with no fuss, Sometime its a case that your keys have been lost or stolen with a bag or purse which may contain an address Rapid Locksmiths can gain access for you and also replace the locks and supply you with a brand new set of keys so you can be reassured that your the only person with the keys.

Faulty Lock and cant open your door?

Over the years there has never been a Lock we haven’t been able to open, repair or replace. A lot of the time its a common problem which we can diagnose quickly and repaired for you. If the lock is just old and worn and has had its day we can replace it for you, We keep a fully stocked van to make sure we have the correct parts for any situation.

UPVC Door Jammed And Won’t Open?

With UPVC doors and locks you get what you pay for, Some are good quality and some are bad, There are always particular problems you normally get with cheap locks which here at Rapid Locksmiths we come across time and time again a lot of the time its just straight forward and we can repair the lock and get the door working properly for you, Other times it a case of replacing the lock which is faulty.

Rapid Locksmiths give a FREE survey so as long as the doors opened and we don’t have to open it we will come out and give you a quote to fix it absolutely FREE of charge.